District C インド・ネパール準備2- Long Architectural Journey along with edge of Plate Tectonics-

Dear Jagan SHAH

How are you? It is so cold in Tokyo. How about New Delhi?
My preparation is gradually completed especially Kutch(special help of Prof. Fukami Naoko) and Nepal, but Darjeeling and West himalaya not yet.
I will going to go INTACH at for rest of my preparation.
I present my/our planning for Kutch as below:
Main purpose:
Visiting, understanding architectural living culture and civilization with earthquake or special character of terrain by moving plate tectonics.
list of visiting places:
Topic 1: Visiting Mundra, Mandvi, Bhadreswar, for understanding historical Bay city (terrain condition, reason of rise and decline)
Topic 2: Visiting village of inland close to Great rann, for understanding living culture of Inland, flat swamp and dessert.
Topic 3: Visiting Dholavira, for understanding the condition of place of generating ancient civilization.
Topic 4: Visiting place of reconstruction and revitalizing building activity after great earthquake
And you suggested  to me about revitalized architect at Kutch, If you have any idea. I will accept.
Let us have fun.
And Would you meet me at Indira Gandhi airport at 2nd Jan?
For foreign traveller, The transportation from airport to Delhi/New delhi is biggest hurdle. Taxi always took me another places….
Best regards,
Norihito Nakatani
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rhenin について

中谷礼仁(なかたに のりひと)歴史工学、アーキオロジスト。早稲田大学建築史研究室所属、教授、千年村プロジェクト、日本生活学会、日本建築学会など。著書に『動く大地、住まいのかたち』、『セヴェラルネス+』など。
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